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Churches Together in Southern Ryedale

 Is Life good? - Chaplaincy in Southern Ryedale

Chaplaincy is about being available to others in the places they gather: in work places and leisure spaces, in centres of learning and communities of healing. In the varied places that people go about their lives outside of our church communities you will often find chaplains; at the heart of communities and often on the edges too. It is rooted in real life; in good times and bad times, bringing love, hope, understanding and peace. It is about getting on people’s level and walking alongside them for a short while or over many years.

Churches Together in Southern Ryedale began to realise that there were large areas of our local life where there was a need for chaplaincy that was not being met by existing structures.

The first step was into the area of Sports Chaplaincy in the Racing Industry and as a result of this step, a number of people came forward interested in training to be chaplains in the local community both in racing and elsewhere.

“Chaplaincy Everywhere” is a course produced by the Methodist Church to equip voluntary chaplains and it has proved to be a great success. Two series of the course have already been run and another is planned for Autumn 2015.

Chaplaincies are being developed in the Racing industry, in Auction Marts as well as in hospitals and Residential Homes and to the bereaved.

 Could you become part of a Chaplaincy team?

Chaplains come in all shapes and sizes, there is certainly no one way of doing it. You don’t need a degree or a clerical collar. Chaplaincy is for everywhere and for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone might be a chaplain for it is also certainly a calling.

The courses are designed to help you to respond to God’s calling, whether that be specifically as a chaplain, as an encourager or as someone who supports chaplaincy. You may find that chaplaincy isn’t what God is calling you to at this time; be open to every possibility.

The group may be formed of people who feel drawn towards chaplaincy of some kind and a few others who might become a support group for the chaplain. In this way, a culture of chaplaincy within our churches will be encouraged. We hope that you will become an advocate for chaplaincy everywhere!

If you feel that this is something you might like to become involved in, then contact - 01653 691 589 or You will then need to talk to your own minister – it is important that those who go into this field have the backing and support of their own church community!

Chaplaincy for the Racing Industry

“They’re Off” – what does this mean to you? Does it pass you by? or does it conjure up a rush of adrenalin. gleaming horseflesh, thundering hooves and the excitement of anticipated winning, money or fame? It is probably true to say that Yorkshire folk know more than most about ‘the sport of kings’.

For trainers, overseeing the often large numbers of horses – anything up to 200 at a time – and worth many millions of pounds, it is a great responsibility.

And stable staff, the hub of the whole operation, have to get up early, every morning, and work irregular hours (restricting social life, especially for the young) and every day being exposed to the danger of working with large, powerful animals often with an agenda of their own!

This is what has brought the Churches in Southern Ryedale together to realise that a sizeable proportion of the community in their area is not being catered for in the existing structure. So some ‘church people’ have begun a steep learning curve – going to race meetings and being present on the gallops to find out more about this way of life, seemingly so glamorous but less so for some who work in the industry.

For more about this exciting Chaplaincy and for details of how you could become involved contact Rev. Rachel Benson

Chaplaincy Everywhere

In Southern Ryedale

"Chaplains are... the church that has left the building... We can all be involved in chaplaincy."

Martyn Atkins - General Secretary of the Methodist Church in Britain

For regular updates on what is happening in Chaplaincy Everywhere in Southern Ryedale, go to our Facebook page by clicking on the link below:

The sale of sheep and cattle in Malton usually occurs twice a week. The sale of over a thousand animals involves hundreds of people buying and selling, it is a vital part of Ryedale rural economy and is a place where the churches want to serve the community.

With the assistance of Yorkshire Churches Rural Business Support we are establishing a small team of people who will provide a regular presence at the auction mart in Malton. The aim is: to build effective relationships based on trust and confidentiality, develop a broad understanding of the key issues that impact the farming community, to gain knowledge and experience and identify sources of help and support.

Towards establishing a Malton Auction Mart Chaplaincy Team.

May the harvest from the fields be plentiful and bring sustainability to the farming year.  May this be reflected in our Chaplaincy hopes for committed sowers  of seeds.  We ask this in Jesus’ name.  Amen.  

Malton Racing Stables Open Day

This is me on September 13th at the Malton Racing Stables Open Day! It is the second year I have helped on the Churches Together In Southern Ryedale Chaplaincy Team!

May as well admit that the first year was one of the most nerve-racking things I have done! Partly because it was something completely new to me and standing in the high viz jacket makes you very visible! (Which is why it is a high viz jacket I guess!)

Having Churches Together In Southern Ryedale written on the back means there is really no place to hide. Have to admit that both last year and this year have been such brilliant days. I spent most of the two days directing visitors and parking cars. It’s only a small thing to do but when you have people arriving from all over the country and I really do mean all over the country it is so vital to have someone to warmly welcome them and maybe just have a quick chat. A few people have a strange look on their faces when they see the word ‘Church’ on the jacket but to be honest they are just normal people. I think we tend to put people into boxes and the people who are interested in Horse Racing go into one such box. They need to be shown God’s love just as much as anyone else does. This is such an important work, why not get involved next year?

Please pray for the work and for the team as they connect with so many people involved in the Racing Industry!

Dave Scaling.